First impressions don’t just happen in person. They happen online too.


Don’t ever let your mother tell you that looks don’t matter.

As much as your clients and customers are buying your product, service or expertise, they are also buying your brand. Your business. And ultimately, you.

The image you present to the world–whether through a website, e-newsletters, tweets, posts, blogs or storytelling–should be professional and polished {no stains on ties, please!}. Which means carefully crafted words, thought-provoking and on-brand images. It also means creating a visual story, an editorial strategy, and rounding it all off with flawless execution.

And that’s where we come in. Come meet us {we don’t bite}.


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The short answer: Maureen and Sherryll.
The better {and way more interesting} answer begins with the story of us.


It was 2009 and I was volunteering as the editor of a non-profit newsletter when the art director, also a volunteer, announced his exit plans. At 20 pages, the newsletter was robust and needed an experienced designer who could handle multiple pages of copy and ads, and deliver by deadline every month. The next newsletter was looming; I needed to find a replacement, and fast. I learned about Maureen from a mutual acquaintance and quickly crafted an email. With pleasantries aside I got right down to business: ‘Will you be our next art director?’ I wrote. Sealed off with the overly enthusiastic subject header: ‘Brilliant Idea?’ I crossed my fingers and hit send.


It was a brilliant idea but I was a little hesitant because I had recently finished up a different volunteer position with the same non-profit organization and I was looking forward to winding down, not up. But Sherryll won me over with her enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication. Plus I felt sorry for her. : )

And so, a random email hurled into cyberspace turned into a face-to-face meeting over fresh-fruit sundaes topped with whipped cream, which in turn has evolved into a partnership sealed over a bottle of California Cab.

Every business has a story to share, and an online image to present to the world. This is ours…
What’s yours? {If you’re not sure where to start or how to tell it, give us a buzz.}


Maureen Barlow

Maureen Barlow

Co-Founder, Designer and Developer



Maureen Barlow by Day

What does toxicology have to do with graphic design and web development? Nothing, except that Maureen Barlow has graduated from post-secondary programs in all three disciplines. Toxicology came first, at the University of Toronto, but Maureen quickly discovered that working in a lab simply didn’t cut it, creatively speaking. Graphic design from Seneca College came next, and while plugging away as a packaged goods designer stimulated Maureen’s right brain, her left brain craved more exercise. Enter web development and design, the perfect blend of logic and art. Maureen has developed sites for a range of clients from non-profit to retail, and has designed print collateral from business cards to brochures to newsletters.

And by Night…

Avid pub league trivia player (Did you know Mussolini, Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar all had an irrational fear of cats?). No sense of smell, but killer sense of style.

Sherryll Sobie Cooke

Sherryll Sobie Cooke

Co-Founder, Editor, Photographer, Copywriter



Sherryll Sobie Cooke by Day

Sherryll Sobie Cooke is an award-winning writer and photographer, and the former editor of Ignite magazine. After graduating from university with a Political Science degree, Sherryll worked in a family business until one day she could no longer ignore the creative call. She went back to school in the fall of 2001 as a mature student taking targeted courses in writing and photography. In April 2002, Sherryll got her start in journalism as the feature writer and photographer for the Muskoka Sun—and has been full-steam ahead since. For the last 11 years, Sherryll’s wide-ranging work has appeared in a variety of consumer and trade publications including the Toronto Star, Cottage Life, Canadian Living, Canadian Contractor, Pharmacy Practice and others. She has also been hired as a ghost tweeter, a web copywriter and a blogger.

And by Night…

Pursuing a second degree in English literature at the University of Toronto (A+ average). Secret aspiration: to teach writing, photography and social media strategy at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (on parchment, using a feather quill).