Blogging for Business

What blogging isn’t. It isn’t the place for buttoned up, corporate speak (leave that for white papers and annual general reports). It isn’t the place for ripped jeans verbiage and F-bombs (except maybe if you’re a rock star). And it certainly isn’t the place for naval gazing and shameless self promo.

So, what is blogging for business? It’s strategic storytelling. Every business owner, every employee, every happy customer has a story worth sharing (many stories in fact). To be strategic, the writing must be honest and engaging while subtly showcasing your wares and services in the best possible light.

The only thing stopping most companies from blogging well is having a skilled storyteller identify what makes a good story, and knowing how to turn phrases that turn heads.
Need proof? Read on.

Blog Samples

A Heart Surgeon Walks Into a Barbecue Store

Sounds like the start of a corny joke, right? Well, it’s not. It’s a true story that happened right here at Sobie’s. So, yes, a heart surgeon really did walk into our store, along with his house manager. The good doctor was looking for a new barbecue in the $500 range.

Budget is very important of course, but we also know an assessment is needed before a diagnosis is made. Other factors, like preferred cooking style, number of people, and fuel type should be discussed and taken into consideration before spending any amount of your hard-earned dollars.


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Pope Fiction

What do the Vatican, John Travolta and Burgers have to do with Supplier Relationships? Everything!

Last September we planned an incentive travel program in Rome, the capital of Italy and one of the world’s oldest cities. In terms of incentive travel, Rome is the pinnacle of achievement and recognition, which is exactly what our client, US Foods, needed to motivate their sales team.

While the program was a whopping success, it didn’t come without its challenges. We were presented with a small timeframe for a big, multi-faceted initiative pockmarked by concerns like: how are we going to breach a normally forbidden location? If we couldn’t drive right up to the Vatican’s front door, we knew from experience that our distinguished guests would have to walk a long way (which would be awkward for our 452-member group).

Even with 32 years under our belts, we still suffer from the occasional frozen-in-time-moment where we find ourselves wondering: “Can we do this?”

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“From Day One I was extremely confident in Pixels & Prose and knew that a partnership had truly been created. Sherryll and Maureen never let us down, the timelines were always met, challenges (if any) were discussed immediately, and necessary adjustments were made seamlessly. I could never have imagined that the process of a total redevelopment of our website could be so easy! We are so pleased with Pixels & Prose that we’ve retained them to design and write our quarterly newsletters and blogs.”

Terry Manion, Executive Vice President, Meridican

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