Hands down, the hardest thing for our clients to do is write about themselves.

Funny, isn’t it? For something seemingly so simple–the act of putting fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper)–why is it that so many struggle?

After all, not everyone can build slick WordPress websites or design dynamic logos in Adobe Illustrator. (If you want to see what we mean, click here for sample websites and click here for logos).

But surely, everyone can write!


Well, yes.

And no.

Professional writers know how to wield words the same way others know how to wield weapons or calculus formulas or software programs.

That, plus writing about oneself is just so… so… personal. It’s like giving yourself your own annual medical examination. Top to bottom. Outside and in.

Most of us just can’t do it. We freeze like tongues to metal.

If you’re stuck, it’s okay. We’ve all been there (yes, we’re referring to both writing and tongues).

Next: Get unstuck.

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Need more convincing? Read on.

The Client: Conference planner extraordinaire, Linda Nelson, Founder and CEO, To Plan Ahead in North Carolina.

The Problem: Linda needed help identifying an authentic voice
for her brand–yes, all strong brands have a ‘voice’–and to hone in on her company’s core value proposition.

The Solution: After consulting with Linda, we created copy for her home page that better reflected her services
and her signature style (plus her lovely British accent).

Here it is, 101 Style.

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Sherryll Sobie Cooke is an expert. There’s something to be said about being an ‘expert’ in a given field these distracting days, but Sherryll has truly mastered the written word, whether in print or multimedia. As our social media maven, contributor and sounding board, FAMTripTV.com has seen targeted growth and exposure to the people who matter. Her work is superlative, punctual, and personally, she is exceptionally kind and easy to work with. I’d recommend her any day to anyone.

Jennifer Simpson, BA, CMP – Chief Experience Architect, Bespoke Experiences

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