The thing we love most about producing marketing material is its inherent dichotomy: conveying a BIG message within a small space.

Whether it’s an 8.5” x 11” handout, a 4” x 6” postcard or the size of a business card, we know how to work that limited space to convey your essential message. And win the attention of your target market.

With our backgrounds in design and photography, we also know what looks good. More to the point, we know how to make you and your company look great.

Want to make the most of your marketing material? Read on.

Case Study: Boiling down the Beast


The question is not so much ‘What does Greenfield Services do?’ but rather, what they don’t do.

As a leading demand generation consultancy serving the North American meetings industry, Greenfield offers a massive range of services from lead generation, data collecting and cleansing to content marketing, event and social media, and most recently, association management and more.

Much, much more.

The newest edition, Association Management, encompasses over 15 services alone.

How can all these services possibly be conveyed to Greenfield’s target audience–meetings industry associations–without causing glassy-eyed, information overload?

We’ll let Greenfield’s founder and chief strategist, Doreen Ashton Wagner, tell you how we did it.

“When my company expanded into the realm of association management, we needed marketing material to convey our huge array of services–over 15 services in fact–and it absolutely had to be on one, single page.

I turned to Pixels & Prose because from past experience I knew they’d be up to the challenge. Throughout our interactions I found Sherryll and Maureen to be highly professional and effective. They understood what we needed quickly, and conceptualized a clear and simple solution for deftly handling a lot of content on a single page. The snappy copy and beautifully branded design hit the mark for our audience, and Sherryll and Maureen turned it around way before my deadline.

But on top of it all, they are just so darn nice. And positive. And fun to work with. Pixels & Prose is my go-to creative firm.”

Doreen Ashton Wagner, Co-Founder, Chief Strategist & Managing Director
Greenfield Services

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