Maureen Barlow by Day

What does toxicology have to do with graphic design and web development? Nothing, except that Maureen Barlow has graduated from post-secondary programs in all three disciplines. Toxicology came first, at the University of Toronto, but Maureen quickly discovered that working in a lab simply didn’t cut it, creatively speaking. Graphic design from George Brown College came next, and while plugging away as a packaged goods designer stimulated Maureen’s right brain, her left brain craved more exercise. Enter web development and design from Seneca College, the perfect blend of logic and art. Maureen has developed sites for a range of clients from non-profit to retail, and has designed print collateral from business cards to brochures to newsletters.

And by Night

Avid pub league trivia player (Did you know Mussolini, Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar all had an irrational fear of cats?). Great sense of humour, keen sense of style, but absolutely no sense of smell.



  If you are lucky enough to find a way of life that you love, you have to find the courage to live it.

– John Irving